To The Rhythm

by knola

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our first full length.

Recorded and mixed by Se Collier at a studio in Chicago.
Mastered by Carl Saff.

Released by Skeletal Lightning.

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released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved



jack, garret, joe


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Track Name: Moving Along
’m part of the crowd, my head is down, and I’m focused on the sounds of navigating footfalls and the way they leave the ground. I’m equal parts the things I’ve seen, and everything I’ll see. I’m moving along to the rhythm of the dream. I’m moving along.
Track Name: Weight
I call your name over again, to feel the weight of it on my tongue. So I won’t forget the way it tastes right now. I call your name over again, to feel the shape of it on my lips. So I won’t forget the way it sounds right now. Maybe if I say it loud enough it’ll echo on forever. Again, again, again. But maybe it’s a waste of my breath. Maybe you’re farther gone than I think you are. And the worst part is you’re still right here. It’s me. I’m the one. I wonder can you hear? Maybe if I say it loud enough it’ll echo on forever. Again, again, again. But the more that I hear it the farther I fall, away from my body, away from it all.
Track Name: Cottage Grove
I’m pushing through the living room, towards the chandelier, into a mass of mouths and hands clamoring to hear all the songs I can’t remember. And I’m afraid they’ll swallow me if I don’t find the words. The weight of expectation’s loud, it’s faceless but it’s heard. I felt my body drifting down Portage Road, towards the sound of music on Cottage Grove. Now I’m swaying like the chandelier inside,
Track Name: Fabric
and with that it comes like a deluge of blood rushing to my head. I remember this is where I’m from. The smell of sweat from the slick skin of the dead permeates the air as as I’m screaming words I can’t forget. Everyone’s shoving. I’m suddenly shirtless. But I don’t hear a thing. I’m torn like the fabric. I move to the rhythm. I trust everyone will sing. Then I feel a slow collapse, one wall at a time. The world, the house, the hands, the mouths. I’m grasping for a line. Why are we here? What does it mean? I close my eyes and drift again, slipping through the seams.
Track Name: Ruby Beach
With airplane arms we run for the shore underneath an overcast sky. The cold wind whips against our skin but we’re warm, and we’re alive. There are giants in the water too far out for us to swim. Picture rocks even better than we pictured them. They call our names, again, again, again. With airplane arms we run on the sand and our footprints trail like jet stream over land. There are giants in the water too far out for us to swim. And I swear I’ve never loved you more than right now, with our arms wide and our hearts light. The waves roll in, froth white, then recede. We hold hands on the shore of Ruby Beach.
Track Name: House
I wish I could tell you the truth. But I don’t want to let you down. And I wouldn’t know where to start. How do I say, “I want escape” from the perfect life we lead? That I can’t play house forever. That there’s somewhere else I should be. I wish there was a way for you to see inside my chest. That my heart’s still for you, but if I leave it’s “for the best.”
Track Name: Winter Skin
Do you remember how the sun fell on the lake, and the mountains rose around us as we read in the shade? That was a week ago, when we were still in love the way we’ve always been. Now we’re like islands on different sides of the map – you with your tears, and me on the couch. The opposite of that. I am a stone. I’m here but I’m not. I’m far away.
Track Name: Fireworks
I’m back sitting on the deck, looking out at the sky. I’m focused on the fading glow of light above the house line. I’m chewing on the silence between us. I’m longing for the sun and the lake. The week before. The years before. How did we come to this? I’m wondering if I’ve ever seen fireworks at a funeral before. And were they as sad and beautiful as these are? Oh my moon, I’ve been moving along to the rhythm of the dream. Hoping it would lead me back to you. But here we are.